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Ground discharge
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Ground discharge

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In order that water in the pool always remained transparent-blue color, in the pool the equipment for water purification is used, one more such element is ground discharge. All pollution which are on a water surface are cleaned by the skimmer and that settles at a dock apron cleans up z the help of ground discharge, also if the pool demands carrying out repair the robot through ground discharge possibly to merge all water from the pool opening it completely. Taking part in water filtrations through ground discharge the pump takes away water from the lower layer and gives on the filter, as well as in a case with the skimmer. Ground discharge in the deepest part of the pool settles down. Installation of ground discharge it is necessary to provide the robot at the initial stage. Installation as to concrete basins so to the pools revetted with a film is possible, but it is necessary for film pools still installation of rubber laying with one self-adhesive party, one of which is pasted to ground discharge, and the second – to a clamping ring.

Materials of which are made ground having merged there can be a plastic, stainless steel and bronze. Mortgage elements from bronze and stainless steel steadier against external factors, they do not fade and do not lose the properties over time, but the option from plastic it more available at the price is more widespread, and there is nothing does not concede on quality.

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