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Countercurrent of Hidrojet of 4,7 kW
  • Countercurrent of Hidrojet of 4,7 kW

Countercurrent of Hidrojet of 4,7 kW

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The universal countercurrent  of Hidrojet   - is intended for creation of an artificial current in concrete basins. As the countercurrent is built in, its existence in the pool has to be designed in advance and installation has to be made before filling of the pool with water.

The countercurrent creates in the pool an artificial current which can be used both in the entertaining purposes, and for a training. Special massage nozzles and hoses allow to apply a countercurrent to a body hydromassage.

Principle of action of a countercurrent of Hidrojet:

Water through the slot-hole gaps which are behind the front panel of mortgage knot gets to the countercurrent pump. Further water under a pressure comes to a nozzle where occurs podmes (ejection) of air and where intensity and the direction of a stream is regulated. As a result water comes to the pool the bubbling stream and creates a current in the top sheets of water. The button of inclusion and switching off of a countercurrent is on the front panel of mortgage knot of a countercurrent.

Country of manufacture:Spain
Information is up-to-date: 10.07.2021

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