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Font for a sauna
  • Font for a sauna

Font for a sauna

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Font for a sauna, houses or baths from polypropylene of any form and the size you can order in the Lord-X company.

Any form of a font has the advantages. You have an opportunity to order a form which most will be suitable for room space and in the best way will fit into your interior.

The font for a squared bath the most practical option as emphasizes direct geometrical forms of the room, and also allows to use all room space which is allotted for a font.

The polypropylene font of an angular form will perfectly fit into one of corners of the small room, having allowed to save a valuable empty seat.

Classical form of a font is the round form, the most convenient for use. Installation of such font assumes existence of the spacious room.

For each form of a font installation of a ladder for convenient immersion is possible. High-quality material for production of fonts neutral to various oils that allows to use oils in bathing and medical procedures.

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